Privacy Policy
Welcome to ZikMe's privacy policy. It explains how ZikMe, the non profit organization powering, hosts, collects, uses and share information you consent to provide through your use of This policy serve a unique aim : enabling us to work together, without fear of lack of privacy, under any form.
Indeed, we believe that we can do more together than alone, and you shouldn't have to provide any personal information to participate to the free knowledge of the musical encyclopedia
As a summary, here are the main points of the privacy policy, detailled further.

  • You do not have to provide any personal data to browse the contents of ZikMe.
  • You do not have to provide any personal data to edit the encyclopedia.
  • You do not have to provide any personally-identifying information if you choose not to.

ZikMe enables you to create an account, simply with a verified email adress and a password. That account enables you to get the maximum out of ZikMe, in particular the discovery tools, and the accreditations you get by editing data.

  • you make contributions.
  • you send us emails or participate in a survey.
  • you register an account or update your user page

  • improving the encyclopedia.
  • adjusting discovery tools for your own tastes.
  • complying with the law.
  • protecting you and others.

  • sell any personal information to anyone.
  • use any personal information for any commercial purposes.
To make this policy easily understandable for anyone, here is little definitions that may be useful.
When we say ... We mean:
ZikMe The non profit organisation that operate The website available at the adress
You / Your / me regardless of whether you are an individual, group, or organization, and regardless of whether you are using on behalf of yourself or someone else.
Contributions Content you add or edit, changes you make on any information from the encyclopedia
Personnal information Information you provide us or information we collect from you that could be used to personally identify you.
Third party Individuals, entities, websites, services, products, and applications that are not controlled, managed, or operated by ZikMe. This includes other users and independent organizations or groups who help promote ZikMe.
All the information we receive from you, how, and what we do with it.
1. You public contributions is made to share musical knowledge. So when you make a contribution, on a track, an artist, an album, or any music topic, this information is stored, with you username or email adress (or IP adress if you don't have an account). Your contribution (but not you personal information stored with) is then public, and can be use to serve other free features or products distributed by ZikMe.
As ZikMe use a Creative Commons Licence, your contribution participate to the encyclopedia, and may be used or copied by other people.
Although itself should not enable you to do so , please, do not contribute any information that you are unconfortable making permanently public.
2. Account information and user page
You do not require to create an account to read or edit the encyclopedia. However, when you contribute to without signing in, your contribution will be attributed to the IP address associated to your device. This information will never be public.
If you create an account, you'll require only a verified email address and a password. You can pick a username, which will be public, so be careful using your real name as your username. That account enables you to be credited for your contribution, earn badges, and gain legitimacy over certain topics of the encyclopedia. Your email address is kept confidential, and we do not sell, rent or use your email address to any purposes. Email use is detailled below.
You could also decide to take profit of the discovery features available with In that case, you may decide to publicly post personal information about your musical tastes, and your demographic information, such as gender or age. Those information are public by default, but you can choose to keep them private, for no one to see. In that case, this information are stored in ZikMe's database, and are only visible by you.
3. Emails
You have to provide an email address at the time of registration. Your email address is kept confidential, except as provided in this Policy (complying with the law). We do not sell, rent, or use your email address to any pruposes. We use your email address to let you know about things that are happening with ZikMe, such as telling you important information about your account, letting you know if something is changing about or policies. Please note that if you email us, we may keep your message, email address, and any other information you provide us, so that we can process and respond to your request. We will never ask for your password by email (but may send you a temporary password via email if you have requested a password reset). If you ever receive such an email, please let us know by sending it to [email protected], so we can investigate the source of the email.
4. Information we receive automatically
Because of how browsers work and similar to other major websites, we receive some information automatically when you visit This information includes the type of device you are using (possibly including unique device identification numbers, for some beta versions of our mobile applications), the type and version of your browser, your browser's language preference, the type and version of your device's operating system, in some cases the name of your internet service provider or mobile carrier, the website that referred you to, which pages you request and visit, and the date and time of each request you make to Put simply, we use this information to enhance your experience with For example, we use this information to administer the sites, provide greater security, and fight vandalism; optimize mobile applications, customize content and set language preferences, test features to see what works, and improve performance; understand how users interact with, track and study use of various features, gain understanding about the demographics of ZikMe and analyze trends.
5. Survey and feedback
Participating in optional surveys or providing feedback helps us make better. Because every survey and request for feedback may be used for various purposes, we will tell you, at the time we give you the survey or request for feedback, how we plan on using your answers and any personal information you provide. If you don't feel comfortable with how we plan on using the survey or feedback results, you are not obligated to take the survey or give feedback.
6. Information we collect
We actively collect some types of information with a variety of commonly-used technologies. These generally include tracking pixels, JavaScript, and a variety of "locally stored data" technologies, such as cookies and local storage. Those information are only your IP address, and your use of, through logs.
We use this information to make your experience with safer and better, to gain a greater understanding of user preferences and their interaction with the Wikimedia Sites, and to generally improve our services. We will never use third-party cookies, unless we get your permission to do so.
7. Legal Topics
We may access, preserve, or disclose your personal information if we reasonably believe it necessary to satisfy a valid and legally enforceable warrant, subpoena, court order, law or regulation, or other judicial or administrative order. However, if we believe that a particular request for disclosure of a user's information is legally invalid or an abuse of the legal system and the affected user does not intend to oppose the disclosure themselves, we will try our best to fight it. We are committed to notifying you via email at least ten (10) calendar days, when possible, before we disclose your personal information in response to a legal demand. However, we may only provide notice if we are not legally restrained from contacting you, there is no credible threat to life or limb that is created or increased by disclosing the request, and you have provided us with an email address. Nothing in this Privacy Policy is intended to limit any legal objections or defenses you may have to a third party's request (whether it be civil, criminal, or governmental) to disclose your information. We recommend seeking the advice of legal counsel immediately if such a request is made involving you.
Hopefully, that never happened, and should not happen, regarding the nature of information provided through

Thank you for reading, and please, have a great time visiting and getting involved with ZikMe.